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BBC World Affairs Editor, Author and Columnist

John Simpson CBE is an icon of British Television News, a household name in the United Kingdom.

With his 50 years of experience in world affairs and international political journalism at the highest levels, he is the most recognized face in British television news broadcasting..

John Simpson Main

John Simpson is also the BBC’s most senior news broadcaster.

John’s illustrious career has seen him at the touchline of some of the 20th Century’s most dangerous and most important news and current affairs stories, - from reporting at the absolute forefront of both Gulf Wars to smuggling himself into the drug war zones in the Colombian and Mexican jungles to entering Taliban-led Afghanistan at the height of the American invasion, to witnessing the bloodiest battles of the Balkan Wars in the former Yugoslavia. The only safe thing to say about John is that he has ‘been everywhere, - done everything.’

Aside from his frontline war reporting he has also covered most of the major revolutions of our time, ranging from the demise of the USSR and the fall of the Berlin Wall to those of Czechoslovakia and Rumania and the end of apartheid in South Africa. He has also had a frontrow seat so to speak at the high drama of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and their leaders over the past 30 years and has a special interest in China and its leadership in all its enormous challenges.

Equally comfortable in a dinner jacket as well as his flakjacket, John has reported from over 140 countries as and when they headlined, and interviewed their political leaders, from Presidents – Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama & Nelson Mandela to Saddam Hussein and Muammar Qaddafi to all the British Prime Ministers since Harold Macmillan. He has also supped with countless devils and despots, -Osama bin-Laden, Slobodan Milosevic and Robert Mugabe to name a few, often in real danger to his own life.

John was honoured in the 1991 Gulf War Honours List with a CBE. He has amassed countless awards including two BAFTAs, an International Emmy, the Peabody Award and has twice been named the Royal Society’s Journalist of the Year which is a very rare honour indeed.

One of the most devoted and respected journalists of our time, he shows no signs of slowing down. He continues to report from Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, China, Russia and its neighbours and also most of Africa’s most lawless places.

He is banned from re-visiting Iran, Zimbabwe, Botswana and North Korea to report, which continues to irritate him.


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